Our Mission | Club Cultured


Our mission is simple: To put tempeh on the dinner plates of houses all over the world. You might call it ambitious, but we call it realisticโ€ฆ

Tempeh is a sustainable, plant-focused protein source thatโ€™s bang full of flavour and packs a hefty nutritional punch too. Tempeh is the future of food and once the secret is out weโ€™re confident that it will be the everyday protein choice of millions of people.

We are passionate environmentalists and vegans on a mission to make the world a better place, and we really believe that we can do it. Our goal with Club Cultured is to make plant based food accessible and desirable to everyone, and we do that with wicked flavours and good vibes.

We believe in the power of fermented foods to positively impact our health and weโ€™re excited to bring the gut-loving benefits of tempeh and fermented foods to more and more people as we grow as a business, a social collective and as catalyst for change.